Andrea D’s Story

Gold standard care is what you get at The Ottawa Hospital.

I know. Because when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, I experienced great care.

But it can always be better. There can always be more. And that’s why the Breast Health Centre needs us. Because the 35,000 women a year who access the services there need this. Because the 1,000 women a year who are diagnosed with breast cancer need this. We’re not going to cure it any time soon. So why not do what we can NOW. Today.

Research and technology. Here. In Ottawa. At the Breast Health Centre.


Your sister, your mother, your wife, your friend. You know someone who has needed the Breast Health Centre. You likely know someone who will need it.

Join me in giving back to the hospital that saved my life. I swim for fitness. I swim for rehab and mobility. Now I’m swimming for a cause. I’m joined by 6 former Olympian swimmers – going for gold was a lifetime mantra for them. Striving to be the best is what OlymPINK is all about: More than just a swim meet.

YOU can help us make a difference. Help us help The Ottawa Hospital Breast Health Centre by swimming or supporting our swim meet fundraiser. We’re going to make a big splash at Brewer Pool in Ottawa on April 7th, 2018. All proceeds of the event will help to ensure that breast cancer patients in our region continue to receive world class care, right here in Ottawa.

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